Private Client Services

  • We work with each client to identify their investment goals, objectives, risk tolerance, return expectations and time horizon. We evaluate each client’s existing strategy from a risk/return, custodial and cost perspective. Only by fully understanding our client’s current and long-term goals and objectives can we effectively construct a sound investment strategy.

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  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

    Meridian will draft an IPS that incorporates our client’s goals, objectives, asset allocation, risk/return characteristics, rebalancing parameters, manager and investment consultant’s responsibilities in order to help ensure their portfolios are effectively implemented, managed and monitored over the long-term. The IPS gives the client a basis to evaluate the success of their investment strategy.

    Asset Allocation

    Asset allocation, according to academic studies, generates more than 92% of a portfolio’s long- term return. Meridian’s methodology with regard to asset allocation is that we must understand our client’s risk tolerance, goals, time horizon, cash flow needs, and tax liability circumstances. Only then can we construct an efficient portfolio that meets our client’s specific circumstance, unique to them and the goals they desire to reach.

    Equity and Manager Due Diligence and Selection

    Meridian’s Due Diligence process seeks to identify investment managers’ different styles and asset classes who have demonstrated their ability in generating alpha while controlling downside risk over the long-term. We apply a quantitative and qualitative approach to selecting investment managers that is based on five key factors: Philosophy, Process, People, Performance, and Product Fit.

    Strategy Implementation

    Meridian coordinates the implementation process to ensure it is efficiently and effectively executed in accordance with the investment policy statement. We provide education to those who seek to better understand their options.

    Ongoing Analysis, Monitoring, and Review

    Meridian reviews investment managers and portfolio performance versus specific objectives, appropriate benchmarks and their peer universe. Our performance reports are customized, easy to read and designed to capture the development of the portfolio versus the criteria outlined in the IPS. The ongoing evaluations contribute to the success of the investment strategy and to decisions regarding whether to continue with an existing manager, or replace them with a better alternative.